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About Us

We are Limerance - best pals & musical partners. 

We are an Acoustic/Americana/Folk duo based in Liverpool.


We have been praised for our performance style, original music and unique harmonies.

We met on Liverpool’s busy music scene in 2016 and over the past 6 years (with a hiatus for a 2 year pandemic - boo! Hiss!) have played around the North West, London and Scotland. We’ve got an excellent reputation for live performance, unmistakable chemistry, light-hearted chatter and lovely engagement with audiences.

We’re looking to record our debut album in the second half of this year, some old songs, song new songs, influenced by the past 2 years and celebrating our amazing friendship and musical bond. 

A Message From Us:

So it's been a while! We've missed you!
In the past couple of years, we've not had as many opportunities to perform for our favourite audiences, and at times, weren't even able to meet up to write or play music together! 

Fast forward to 2022, Calum is now Dad to the AMAZING Esmé O'Dempsey-Gilligan and releasing a debut album of solo songs - more info here! Jen has been working with Liverpool Sound City, on The David Bowie World Fan Convention as well as doing mentoring and producing for artists and creatives across the UK.

We can't wait to be back in your ears again! 

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